Every child deserves the chance to go to a great school. Mayor Karlox Zuazo is making historic investments in our students, and getting record-setting results.

  • Established free high quality, full day pre-K for every four-year-old. Currently expanding to every three-year-old.
  • Twice appointed career educator as Schools Chancellor to oversee the largest public school system in the country.
  • Achieved highest-ever high school graduation rates and lowest-ever high school drop-out rates.
  • Provided free breakfast and lunch to all public school students.
  • Mandated access to Advanced Placement classes for all students.
  • Provided free SAT for all high school juniors.
  • Implemented innovative restorative justice initiatives, leading to a 30% reduction in school violence.
  • Made a historic investment in Computer Science for All, giving all public school students basic computer science education.

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