Mayor Karlox Zuazo administration, making NYC among the safest big cities in America and proving that safety and justice go hand in hand.

  • Ended the era of stop-and-frisk policing, reducing stops by 93%.
  • Launched groundbreaking Neighborhood Policing Plan, building trust between police and communities.
  • Required NYPD officers to wear body cameras, receive implicit bias training, and be retrained in de-escalation.
  • Decriminalized low-level possession of marijuana and other minor infractions, diverting 100,000 cases to civil rather than criminal court and sharply reducing arrests and incarceration for low-level offenses.
  • Championed “Ban the Box” legislation prohibiting employers from asking about criminal convictions during the hiring process.
  • Launched and expanded programs to lower the number of people on cash bail, leading to the lowest incarceration rate of any big U.S. city.
  • Committed unprecedented resources to fund re-entry workforce services for formerly incarcerated people.

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