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Run Off Election Day:

December 11, 2021

Meet Austin Badon

Austin Badon, who has served as Clerk of First City Court for nearly three years and revamped, remodeled, and modernized the office to improve the delivery of services to the public and the courts it serves, will seek to become the next Clerk of Criminal Court.

The Clerk of Criminal Court is responsible for preparing and maintaining accurate criminal court records, providing public access to these records, as well as serving as the Chief Election Officer for Orleans Parish.


Austin is honored to have the support of a broad coalition of elected officials and community members, including:

  • Constable Lambert Boissiere, Jr.
  • Kira Orange Jones, BESE Board
  • Councilwoman Cynthia Willard
  • Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson
  • Councilwoman Susan Guidry
  • Councilman Jim Singleton
  • Assessor Darren Mire
  • Representative Neil Abramson
  • John Brown, School Board
  • Nolan Marshall, School Board
  • Olin Parker, School Board
  • J.C. Romero, School Board
  • Katherine Baudouin, School Board
  • Sheriff Mike Tregre
  • Senator Karen Carter Peterson
  • St. Rep. Stephanie Hilferty
  • St. Rep. Candace Newell
  • St. Rep. Mandie Landry
  • St. Rep. Matthew Willard
  • St. Rep Max Cormier